Author: Bethany Drysdale

Top headlines from the Board of County Commissioners Meeting

The Board of County Commissioners approved the annual budget for the fiscal year that begins July 1, 2023. The $1.065 billion budget was built according to the Board’s strategic objectives: fiscal sustainability, economic impacts, vulnerable populations and innovative services, and it comprises several funds, including the General Fund, Special Revenue Fund, Capital Projects Fund, and the Debt Service Fund.

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Programs on the Porch is back with its wildlife edition, featuring local wildlife professionals presenting information on a variety of species. These presentations will be showcased every Friday night from May 19 through June 23 from the porch of the historic Bowers Mansion.

Programs on the Porch presentation schedule:

May 19 – Birds of Prey with Marie Gaspari (LIVE Birds)
May 26 – Bears with NDOW
June 2 – Snakes with the UNR Biology Dept. (LIVE Snakes)
June 9 – Bats with Carson Creature Catchers
June 16 – Bees with the No. NV Beekeepers Association (LIVE Bees)
June 23 – Bobcats & Mountain Lions with NDOW

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