Author: Bethany Drysdale

Washoe County Communications Division premieres documentary on the state of homelessness in Washoe County, launches discussions for future of services for the vulnerable

As Washoe County nears the three-year mark of having assumed lead responsibility for homeless programs in the region, the Washoe County Communications Division has released a documentary of first-person accounts titled “Home: Rebuilding Hope for Washoe’s Homeless.” The documentary premiered April 10 at The_Theater to an audience of participants, service providers, elected officials, government staff, and business owners and residents who have a stake in helping the homeless community. The premiere was followed by a robust forward-looking discussion of available services and those that are lacking in Washoe County.  

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Top headlines from the Board of County Commissioners Meeting

The Board conducted a public hearing and second reading of an ordinance to prohibit public camping and certain activities such as having fires, blow torches, propane tanks, or parking of oversized vehicles on public property. Commissioners voted 3-2 to pass the ordinance, with direction to the Sheriff’s Office to provide quarterly reporting so the Board can revise as needed.  

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Washoe County Property Tax Exemption Renewals Mailed

Washoe County Assessor Chris S. Sarman is mailing the annual Property Tax Exemption Renewal Notices to qualified veterans, disabled veterans, surviving spouses and blind persons. The Assessor’s Office reminds exemption holders that in order to apply the exemption toward real property taxes, the renewal must be filed with the Assessor’s Office by June 15, 2024. 

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