Washoe County confirms final results of 2022 General Election

by | Nov 18, 2022

The Washoe County Board of County Commissioners approved the Canvass of the Vote in the 2022 General Election, certifying that the election results are final.  

Interim Registrar of Voters Jamie Rodriguez presented a summary of the election, which saw voter turnout of 64 percent despite the election cycle falling over two three-day holiday weekends: Nevada Day and Veterans Day. Rodriguez also reported that the post-election logic and accuracy testing (post-LAT) was completed and found no errors.  

“Staff did an amazing job, and we are learning on how we can best process mail-in ballots,” Commissioner Alexis Hill said. “This is a whole new landscape with mail-in ballots. Sixty percent voted through the mail, and that shows that people like that process, so we need to figure out the best way to help track that.” 

The presentation and approval of the canvass by the commissioners is the final step in the county’s election process, per Nevada Revised Statute 293, which mandates the Board of County Commissioners to certify the results within 10 days of the election. Challenges to the election process may not be made until the vote is certified, per election law. The official results will be sent to the Nevada Secretary of State to be certified with other county results in Nevada. 

“I want to congratulate and thank not only the staff, but the volunteers. There is a tremendous number of hours that go into this vote and their ability to conduct a vote,” Commissioner Bob Lucey said. “However you feel about how Nevada has outlined how we conduct elections, the County’s operation and responsibility is to conduct that operation. I want to thank staff for being dynamic, flexible and nimble. This was a challenging election and a lot of new challenges post-pandemic.  I look forward to reviewing the canvass and reviewing that process.” 

To view the final results of the election from Washoe County, visit https://electionresults.washoecounty.gov/.