Washoe County Clerk offers new online self-service portal

by | Jun 6, 2022

The Washoe County Clerk’s Office today launched a new self-service portal on its website to access and submit forms, as part of its effort to stay ahead of technology, improve customer service, and streamline operations.  

The portal is mobile-friendly and offers an expansive array of forms and documents available to search, view, and submit. In partnership with Tyler Technologies, a trusted partner of the Washoe County Clerk’s Office for more than 15 years, the Clerk’s Office began laying the foundation for this service in 2018 with accelerated attention to the project in the last year.  

The Clerk’s Office is responsible for issuing marriage licenses, filing fictitious firm names and notary bonds, maintaining county codes and ordinances, recording board meeting minutes, and much more. 

“Nearly every resident has to interact with our office in one way or another, so customer service is our top priority,” Washoe County Clerk Jan Galassini said. “This new online portal is going to make everyone’s lives a lot easier when it comes to accessing forms and documents from our office.” 

The new self-service portal launched today. Click here to learn more.  

Old System  New System 
Customers could only access services through a web browser. 


Customers can now access and utilize services through their mobile device. 
Limited search functionality.  More accessible and user-friendly search functionality. 
Limited viewing of public records online.  A more expansive online record for public viewing. 
Standard online order process.  Streamlined online ordering functionality. 
Printable pre-fill forms for Fictitious Firm Names.  Online pre-fill applications for Fictitious Firm Names and Marriage Licenses.