Reno, Nevada. Aug. 18, 2015. Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District (TMFPD) Chief Charlie Moore said improper disposal of ash and oily rags have caused at least four structure fires in the past few months. Moore said using a container, similar to what the District offers for free, could have prevented the fires and substantial damage to the homes. Moore told the Fire Board the District will purchase 200 additional cans and distribute them within the next month or so for the upcoming heating and fireplace season. He said they are going to focus on distributing them to Washoe County seniors and then to the rest of the public.
“We want to heighten awareness through our Free Ash Can Program. Disposing of ash and cotton rags soaked with staining oils can be dangerous. Citizens need to know how these fires start in order to prevent a more serious fire in this very dry period of the summer,” said Moore.
Commissioner Vaughn Hartung said this program will go a long way in keeping people safe.
“I myself have had to dispose of oily rags in my garage and know the importance of a program such as this first hand,” said Commissioner Hartung. “I appreciate your efforts, Chief. This program could save homes and lives.”