Reno, Nevada. March 11, 2017.  Due to the ongoing flooding situation in the Lemmon Valley area, traffic will be limited to residents and/or their designees only beginning Sunday at 8 a.m. The North Valleys Incident Management team has requested two checkpoint areas at the following locations:

Lemmon Valley Dr. and Patrician Dr.
Bravo St. and Albert St.

Traffic in and out of the areas will be restricted, but normal commercial deliveries and services will not be impacted.
North Valleys Incident Commander Sam Hicks said the increase in non-essential traffic is impeding the work being done by residents and response crews.
“Our response team is working very hard to assist the residents being impacted by the flood waters,” Hicks said. “We would appreciate the public’s assistance in allowing us to safely and effectively work to help residents.”
Sandbags for structures only
Response workers would also like to remind residents to use the sandbags only for structure protection, not for yards and landscaping.  For proper sandbag installation, see our video.
Residents with questions can call 775-785-8600.