Primary Election Day concludes in Washoe County

by | Jun 12, 2024

More than 12,700 voters cast their ballots in person on Election Day. The Registrar of Voters has four days to receive any mail-in ballots postmarked by Election Day. 

Washoe County had 49 in-person and drop-off Vote Centers on Election Day, in addition to the 24 Vote Centers during the two weeks of early voting.  

“I am so pleased with our election workers and their commitment to this process of democracy,” Interim Registrar Cari-Ann Burgess said.  

While there was a presidential preference primary in February to select each party’s presidential candidate, this primary election was to elect candidates in all other races. Nevada conducts a closed primary, meaning that voters can only vote for their party’s races. Nonpartisan and independent voters can only vote for nonpartisan races.  

The first set of results can only be released after the last Vote Center in the state of Nevada closes, as determined by the Secretary of State. The results will continue to be updated until all valid ballots are counted. The results are not considered final until the Canvass of the Vote on June 21. Results are available on the Registrar of Voters website here.  

Voters who receive a notification that their ballot is challenged have until June 17 to “cure” their ballot. Most challenges are due to a mailing address error or mismatched signature, and most cures can be done over the phone or online.  

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