Reno, Nev. Dec. 18, 2017. As Washoe County staff continues protections around Swan Lake, the Board of County Commissioners recently approved up to $300,000 of additional protections including HESCO barrier to expand existing protections in place for this winter.
MEDIA AVAILABILITY – New HESCO barrier construction around Swan Lake:
When: TODAY Monday, Dec. 18, 2017 from 1 p.m. – 2 p.m.
What: HESCO barrier construction around Swan Lake to continue to protect the area homes and residents.
Who:    -Dave Solaro, Assistant County Manager, Washoe County
            -Jay Aldean, Executive Director, Truckee River Flood Management Authority (TRFMA)   
            -Washoe County road crews
Where: Construction will take place in Lemmon Valley at the end of Pompe Way to the west toward Casey Court, around Swan Lake.
Note to media: Opportunity for live outdoor footage of construction of additional HESCO barrier around Swan Lake, and to interview key Washoe County staff and Executive Director of TRFMA.
Background: Washoe County staff brought an item to the Board of County Commissioners on Tuesday, December 12 to request up to $300,000 of contingency funds to purchase the additional HESCO barrier to connect a new berm and existing barrier. This new portion of protection will allow those residents on Pompe Way without access to their homes, to potentially move back in, and will assure protections to the remainder of the neighborhood to the west.
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