Regional Animal Services Launches Partnership with DocuPet

by | Sep 15, 2022

Licensing dogs is now easier, modernized and more valuable for residents as Washoe County Regional Animal Services launches its partnership with DocuPet, a world-leading pet profile, lost pet and licensing platform. Through pet licensing and their complimentary HomeSafe™ 24/7 lost pet service, DocuPet offers residents an effective pet identification and reunification program that keeps pets out of shelters and returns them home safely. Though pet licensing is mandatory for dogs in Washoe County, many local pet owners do not license their pets regularly.

Residents can browse hundreds of colorful designer tags online or design their own. Every tag is equipped with free HomeSafe ™ 24 / 7 lost pet reunification service.  20% of every designer tag sale is donated to Washoe County Regional Animal Services’ Injured Animal Fund, which provides resources to at-risk pets and their families in Washoe County.  Learn more at  Licensing is also available by mail or phone through DocuPet or in person at Washoe County Regional Animal Services office.

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