Washoe County Honors Hundreds of Foster Parents Amid Shortage

by | May 16, 2023

Reno, Nev. May 18, 2023. The Washoe County Human Services Agency (HSA) showed its support for 200 foster parents in our community by hosting the Second Annual Resource Parent Appreciation Banquet earlier in May which is one of many ways HSA is showing gratitude for these selfless souls throughout National Foster Care Month.

While HSA honors hundreds of foster parents for providing a supportive, nurturing, and safe home for vulnerable children in our community, Washoe County is facing a severe shortage of homes and families for more than 600 children in care.

“Thanking our amazing foster families is a shared responsibility within Washoe County,” said HSA Children’s Division Director Steve McBride. “Our goal this month is two-fold: Make May a very special month for our foster families and call on the community to join us in this very important effort to provide a safe, secure, and healthy community for all of our most vulnerable children.”

 Get Involved

  • Become a foster-friendly business by offering discounts or services to foster families.
  • Show direct support for a foster family you know. Examples include saying thank you. Donate gift cards for gas, groceries, fun activities, landscaping, housekeeping.
  • Connect with HSA staff to contribute to a “wishing well” for foster families when needs arise for vouchers, services, and activities for children.
  • Help foster parents with sports and other extra-curricular activities for kids. Transport to and from games and practices. Aid in their skills and development by mentoring, coaching, teaching, and tutoring.
  • Become a foster parent. Opportunities at HSA include foster care, respite, or emergency foster care.

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Learn more about becoming a foster parent the following ways:


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