The Washoe County Clerk will now be open until 8 p.m. every day, and until 4 p.m. on holidays with an appointment.  

A recent audit of marriage licenses showed that only 13 percent of marriage licenses are issued after 8 p.m. and only 2.2 percent of couples actually get married the same night they receive their license. The demand for late-night, same-day marriage licenses has decreased, and the change in office hours will result in a cost savings and provide increased safety for staff and facilities, as well as greater schedule flexibility for staff.   

The Nevada State Legislature passed AB 397 in the most recent legislative session, removing the requirement for the clerk’s office to establish a program for commercial chapels in Washoe County only, to issue marriage licenses when the county clerk’s office is closed. Additionally, state law allows county clerks to adjust their hours as needed if the fiscal impact is neutral or presents a cost savings, as was the case with the Washoe County Clerk’s Office. This provided an opportunity for Washoe County Clerk Janis Galassini to review and propose a revision to  the operating hours of the clerk’s office.  The Board of County Commissioners approved the proposal at their June 22,2021 meeting. 

Additionally, due to SB 177 passed by the State Legislature this year, the  fee for a marriage license state-wide will increase to $85, up from $60, reflecting an increase in the contribution to the Domestic Violence Fund. A full list of fees and services provided by the clerk’s office can be found here.