RENO, Nev. (Sept. 28, 2021) –– The following are highlights from today’s Washoe County Board of County Commissioners meeting:  

1. Board approves contract for removal of flood mitigation measures at Swan Lake: County Commissioners awarded a contract to Facilities Management, Inc. for the Swan Lake Flood Mitigation Demobilization Project, slated to start this fall. The next lowest bid was over half a million dollars higher than the winning bid awarded to Facilities Management, Inc. When Swan Lake flooded in 2017, Washoe County enacted several measures to address the flooding, contain rainfall and address future flooding as the lake receded over the following years. The lake level is now low enough to fully remove the barriers, pumps and pipes that have lined Swan Lake along Lemmon Drive.  

Area residents can anticipate roadside ditch clearing and re-shaping along Lemmon Drive, a hydroseed project in certain private property areas where barriers were placed, and the restoration of associated stormwater drainage ditches and conveyance piping.  

Community Services Department staff will come before the Board again in October with updates on ongoing work and future plans for the Lemmon Valley basin. 


2. Board hears update on federal COVID recovery funding: Washoe County Community Reinvestment Manager Gabrielle Enfield presented an update on the county’s plan for its share – $91.5 million – of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding. Washoe County has created a  website to explain the types of projects and programs that can be supported with this federal funding, and to collect public input. Enfield explained how county staff have monitored listening sessions with the State of Nevada Treasurer’s Office in order to complement statewide programs and not duplicate efforts locally. 

Commissioner Kitty Jung, shared: “When I ask for feedback from constituents on how we should spend ARPA funds, I ask them, ‘What would enhance your quality of life in Washoe County?’ I encourage citizens to put a little bit of dream in it. The use of these funds can be transformational for our community, and sustainable too.” 


3. Board approved grants for public safety programs for the District Attorney’s Office: The District Attorney’s Office received three grants that were formally accepted by the Board today. Top among those was Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) grant of approximately $360,000. This will fund several positions dedicated to victim services, including a full-time and two temporary victim witness advocates, a full-time forensic interviewer, and a full-time support specialist.  

Two other grants were accepted today, including $84,000 from the CARE Coalition to provide temporary attorneys involved in domestic violence, human trafficking, and firearms-related cases; and $125,000 for the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas Task Force from the Office of National Drug Control Policy.  


4. District 1 Special Funds allocated to TRPA and Soulful Seeds:  Commissioner Alexis Hill requested two allocations from the District 1 Special District Fund, which were approved by the Commission today. The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) will receive $10,000 to support the Lake Tahoe Future of Tourism Shared Vision & Destination Stewardship Roadmap Request for Proposal. This RFP was created with the purpose of creating a roadmap for the future of sustainable recreation and tourism in the region. District 1 comprises Incline Village/Crystal Bay and parts of west Reno.  

Board of County Commissioners Chair Bob Lucey commended Commissioner Hill, District 1, for these disbursements, saying, “Congratulations to you for doing that and your dedication in the Lake Tahoe community and the basin, and your continued effort to promote tourism to that area.” 

The other allocation approved today is $14,000 for Soulful Seeds to support the creation of a fire-resistant structure to store tools and gardening equipment for the use in the rehabilitation of the homeless population of women and families housed at the Our Place campus. Soulful Seeds is a grassroots 501c3 nonprofit organization in Reno whose focus is reducing food insecurity by providing fresh, healthy food to the most vulnerable populations in northern Nevada. 

Continuing his accolades for Commissioner Hill, Chair Lucey acknowledged the donation to benefit Our Place, calling it money well-spent for a phenomenal program, recognizing them as wonderful partners. 

Commissioners can request up to $100,000 for their respective district to support any purpose which will provide a substantial benefit to the inhabitants of the County. The Board of County Commissioners may make a grant of money to a nonprofit organization created for religious, charitable or educational purposes or to a governmental entity to be expended for a selected purpose.  


5. Commission selects alternates for the Truckee Meadows Regional Planning Commission. (RPC) The Board of County Commissioners approved the order of alternates to represent the Washoe County Planning Commission to serve on the RPC. There are four alternates who will be called to serve in the event that the regularly appointed members cannot. The first alternate is Francine Donshick, second alternate, Larry Peyton, third alternate Pat Phillips, fourth alternate, Michel Flick.


6. Board passed the following proclamations: 

September 17 as Constitution Day Constitution Day celebrates the significance of the United States Constitution, and the impact this document continues to have through its preservation of the freedoms and liberties enjoyed by the people of the United States of America. September 17 commemorates the ratification of this most influential document in American history, crafted and signed by thirty-nine of our Founding Fathers in 1787. 

September 2021 as National Recovery Month – National Recovery Month is recognized around the nation as a time to promote addiction treatment and recovery practices, to highlight the emergence of a resilient recovery community, and to honor the dedication of service providers and community members who make recovery possible. 

October 2021 as National Cybersecurity Month  Recognizing that cybersecurity education and awareness is crucial for everyone and anyone who connects to the internet, Washoe County recognizes that cybersecurity awareness plays a vital role in identifying, responding, and protecting its citizens from cybersecurity threats that may have significant impact to individuals and collective safety and privacy.