People Are Not Products

by | Aug 17, 2021

Reno, Nev. Aug. 18, 2021. Nevada’s commercial sex market is the largest of any state, per capita.  Approximately 5,000 individuals are sold in Nevada for sex in an average month.

More than 13 percent of prostituted persons in Nevada are advertised under the age of 21.

HSA identified approximately 25 youth in 2020 that have been trafficked in our community or are at risk of being trafficked.

The Human Services Agency (HSA) is raising public awareness about human trafficking by reaching out to help victims through a multi-faceted campaign, which includes billboards, bus wraps, social media, tv and radio public service announcements.

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“We call on the community to join us in this effort to stop human trafficking in its tracks,” said HSA Children’s Division Director Cara Paoli. “It’s happening. It’s here. Be aware. The next target could be a neighbor, friends, even your children. We hope this widespread community outreach campaign will provide help to those who need it and make our overall community a safer place to live, work and play.”

Victims of human trafficking often do not immediately seek help or self-identify as a victims of crime due to a variety of reasons, including lack of trust, self-blame, or specific instructions by the traffickers regarding how to behave when talking to law enforcement or social services. Learn the signs of trafficking and what to look for.


Who to Call

  • If the public has information that leads you to believe a young person is being trafficked, contact local law enforcement and file a report immediately.
  • You can contact your local child welfare agency. In Washoe County, contact 1-833-900-7233 (SAFE).
  • provides outreach and direct service delivery. You can contact 775-393-9183.


Human Trafficking by the Numbers

  • Nevada’s commercial sex market is the largest of any state, per capita.
  • 5,016 individuals are sold for sex in an average month in Nevada.
  • Nevada’s number of prostituted persons per capita is 63 percent larger than the next largest state of New York, and more than twice as many as in California.
  • More than 13 percent of Nevada prostituted persons are advertised under the age of 21.


Statistics provided from a report titled: Nevada’s On-line Commercial Sex Market. The Human Trafficking Initiative- 2018.


Special thank you to the following partners for helping make this campaign possible: Regional Transportation Commission, Reno Media Group, Lamar Advertising, Safe Embrace and Awaken.



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