A Most Gracious Gift

by | Jan 12, 2022

Reno, Nev. Jan. 13, 2022. The Washoe County Human Services Agency (HSA) received a $701,579 check Sunday, Jan. 9, 2022, from the people of Grace Church to help remodel the River House, which is currently the home of 24 women in the CrossRoads Women’s Program.

“Grace Church’s compassion and willingness to pay it forward, so we can help people and provide a healthy community, is truly unique,” said HSA Director Amber Howell. “Grace Church’s giving is making such a big difference in the lives of our most vulnerable children and women. I am so blessed and thankful to call Grace a partner, as they continue this journey with us to change lives for the better in Washoe County.”

The River House is HSA’s oldest and largest CrossRoad’s Program location, serving as the welcome center for women in their initial steps toward sobriety. Since 2018, the River House has helped 368 women in Washoe County. The house is the center of support for a CrossRoads Program that has been critical in pointing so many in the right direction. The CrossRoads Program is unique in that women develop new relationships with staff and fellow clients, while receiving critical wrap-around services.

As the women continue to grow in recovery and participate in the program, women at CrossRoads become eligible to move to off-site locations, such as the Jane Aubrey and Hope Houses, or the Hope Cottages, depending on their situation. These revamped locations are not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye, they serve the soul as well, providing women a home to focus on employment, recovery and responsibility, all while residing in a safe and sober environment.

Much of the success deserves a special thanks to our loving partner, Grace Church. Since teaming with the people of Grace in 2018, CrossRoads has nearly tripled the number of women served in our community, compared to the previous five years.

“We are so grateful to be part of recovery in Reno. We know that addiction is a very real problem, but we have seen that recovery is possible,” said Grace Church Executive Pastor Karen Durst. “We love our partnership with Washoe County and are so impressed with the outcomes. Lives are changing and we love seeing that.”

By the Numbers

368 women served at the River House, since 2018.

135 women served at the Hope Home, since 2018.

66 women served at the Hope Home, since reopening in 2021.

88 women served at the Hope First Cottages, since January 2019.

31 women served at Jane Aubrey House, since December 2019.

100 children have called CrossRoads Women’s Program home.

34 children reunified with family at Women’s CrossRoads.

10 babies born healthy and sober at Women’s CrossRoads.


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