Don’t drive impaired or it will cost you in more ways than one

by | Dec 25, 2014

Reno, Nevada. Dec. 24, 2014. During this holiday season, the Washoe County Department of Alternative Sentencing would like to remind everyone that driving under the influence has many lasting effects. If you are convicted on an impaired driving charge you may very well end up with the following sanctions and more:
A first time DUI may result in:

A drug and/or alcohol evaluation
Court mandate into a residential treatment center
Mandatory attendance at a Victim Impact Panel
Installation of an interlock device in your vehicle to assure no further drinking
Jail time
Community service
Pay multiple fines and fees for services, equipment and/or appearances made
Up to two years suspended jail sentence
Actively participate in a program of professional counseling at your expense
Payment of restitution to the owner of any property that is lost, damaged or destroyed as a result of the commission of the offense
Abstain from the use of alcohol and controlled substances for up to a 3 year period
Refrain from engaging in any other conduct deemed appropriate by the Judge
Revocation of your Drivers License

Along with the following:
Being placed on misdemeanor probation with the Department of Alternative Sentencing which could include:

Reporting in from one to seven days per week

Providing counseling reports, employment verification, court review appearances

Submit to random alcohol and drug testing

Submit to a search and seizure at any time of the day or night without a search warrant

Wear an ankle bracelet which reads alcohol in your system 24 hours a day

Abstain from the use of alcohol and controlled substances for up to a three year period

Washoe County Department of Alternative Sentencing program currently supervises over 765 misdemeanor offenders. We want you to be aware of the many sanctions you may face if you decide to drink or take drugs and drive. Not only are you risking your own life, you are also putting everyone else on the road in danger.
Please remember, we are one business that does not want to increase our clientele.
We are actively participating with many other law enforcement agencies and the criminal justice system to reduce the number of people using alcohol or drugs and getting behind the wheel.