Board of County Commissioners Canvass the Vote of the Presidential Preference Primary

by | Feb 16, 2024

The Washoe County Board of County Commissioners held a special meeting as required by Nevada law to Canvass the Vote. This task certifies that the election results for Washoe County are final. 

Interim Registrar of Voters Cari-Ann Burgess presented an overview of the Presidential Preference Primary (PPP) election, which took place on February 6 with one week of early voting preceding Election Day.  

By law, the Registrar of Voters must present any clerical or counting errors that occurred during the process. Burgess mentioned that a file of recipients for the sample ballot was sent incorrectly to the printer, but noted that that was the only error that occurred.  

Only 24 percent of eligible Republican and Democratic voters turned out for this election. This was a closed primary, in which only members of the two main parties could vote. 

The presentation and approval of the canvass by the commissioners is the final step in the county’s election process, per Nevada Revised Statute 293, which mandates the Board of County Commissioners to certify the results within 10 days of the election. Challenges to the election process may not be made until the vote is certified, per election law. The official results will be sent to the Nevada Secretary of State to be certified with other county results in Nevada. 

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