NNPH introducing new temporary food establishment permit, online application system

Apr 30, 2024

Apr. 30, 2024. Reno, Sparks, Nev.  Northern Nevada Public Health (NNPH) is offering temporary food establishment operators a new type of health permit that will make it easier and more convenient to stay in compliance for upcoming special events.

Starting July 1, NNPH (formerly the Washoe County Health District) will offer a new Annual Itinerant Temporary Food Establishment health permit. This type of permit gives vendors who operate at more than five special events in a calendar year the opportunity to use one permit for the year, rather than obtaining a new permit for every special event.

Join NNPH for a public forum about changes to the special events / temporary food program.

“We believe this new permit type will help to streamline the permitting and inspection process, while still making sure the food that’s being served is safe for our community,” said Kristen deBraga, Senior Environmental Health Specialist at NNPH. “We’re happy to finally be able to offer this new type of permit, which will make the process more convenient for operators.”

Vendors applying for an Annual Itinerant Temporary Food Establishment permit are required to use a servicing area, which can be done with a commerc

ial kitchen with a valid health permit in Washoe County. The kitchen can help support operations by providing dishwashing, food and equipment storage, and advanced preparation.

Additionally, vendors are now able to apply and pay for temporary food establishment permits online. By visiting onenv.us, food vendors can set up an account, check the status of permit applications, make payments and see all records on file with NNPH.

NNPH created a tutorial video available for those interested in registering for the OneNV portal, which can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/H5O0DMMtdyw

Staff will be available during an upcoming public forum, May 7 at 5:30 p.m. to discuss the changes, answer any questions, and share common types of violations. 

Temporary Food Establishment Forum:

  • May 7, 5:30 p.m.
  • NNPH Conference Rooms A/B; 1001 E. 9th Street, Building B, Reno, NV 89512
  • Zoom link: https://washoecounty-gov.zoom.us/j/97342086419
  • Topics: Online permitting, Annual Itinerant Temporary Food Establishment Health Permit, Commonly Seen Violations

You can find more information on the new Annual Itinerant Temporary Food Establishment Permit and commonly seen violations at our website, nnph.org.


Please note the Washoe County Health District changed its name to Northern Nevada Public Health on Aug. 31, 2023. More information is here.

Northern Nevada Public Health (NNPH) is nationally accredited by the Public Health Accreditation Board and has jurisdiction over all public health matters in Reno, Sparks, and Washoe County through the policy-making District Board of Health. NNPH consists of five divisions: Administrative Health Services, Air Quality Management, Community and Clinical Health Services, Environmental Health Services and Epidemiology & Public Health Preparedness. More info can be found here.