District Board of Health upholds violations; fines going to help schools

Apr 30, 2024

The District Board of Health met on April 25 and upheld air quality fines.The District Board of Health met on Apr. 25, 2024.

Air quality permit violations upheld; fines going to help schools

During last week’s meeting, the board upheld penalties for failing to notify AQMD of intention to demolish a facility on a date other than the one contained in the original notice. These actions are major violations of regulations governing hazardous air pollutants, specifically asbestos.

The $24,000 administrative penalty will be forwarded to the Washoe County School District to be used for environmentally focused projects for the benefit of students.

Want more information?

You can access the last DBOH agenda and our AQMD staff report to learn more about what was discussed during the meeting.