Health District reports measles test results are negative

by | Feb 20, 2015

Reposted on behalf of the Washoe County Health District.
Reno, Nevada. Feb. 20,2015. All laboratory results for people reported to the Health District who were tested for measles have been returned as negative according to local health officials. At this time there are no confirmed measles cases in Washoe County.
Washoe County Health District epidemiologists continue to work with local health care providers in coordinating testing and evaluation of test results. The Health District is asking that physicians only order tests when patients present signs and symptoms consistent with measles. When tests are ordered, it must be reported to the Health District in accordance with Nevada law.
Six confirmed cases of measles have been reported in Las Vegas.
The Health District is asking any persons who think they have measles to please call your healthcare provider’s office, urgent care, or the emergency room before arrival. Clinicians at outpatient settings should notify emergency departments before sending any suspect cases for a further medical evaluation.
The Health District recommends everyone be vaccinated to protect against measles. If you are unsure about your vaccination status, you can check with your healthcare provider about testing or you may elect to get another MMR vaccination. There is no danger in getting the MMR vaccine again, unless you have any contraindications such as history of severe allergic reaction to a previous dose, allergy to any component of the vaccine, current pregnancy, or immunosuppression.
The MMR vaccine is offered at various locations throughout the communty including many local healthcare provider offices, local pharmacies and other healthcare facilities.
Appointments are required at most places.
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