Health District promotes CDC advice for travel

by | Feb 27, 2016

RENO – NV Washoe County Health officials were notified today that the CDC has issued advice for people planning travel to the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from August 5 to August 21, 2016, and to the 2016 Paralympic Games scheduled for September 7 to September 18, 2016. These recommendations provide information to travelers to help them take steps to stay safe and healthy during their trips. CDC’s travel guidance for the Olympics covers a variety of health and safety topics, including information about the Zika virus outbreak currently occurring in Brazil as well as other countries in South and Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean. Because of the Zika outbreak, CDC recommends that pregnant women consider not traveling to the Olympics.
“We are hoping that people will take the CDC’s advice seriously,” said Washoe County District Health Officer Kevin Dick, “Not only with travel advice for those going to the Olympic Games but to any of the over 30 countries that have been identified with active Zika transmission.” A list of those countries can be found at “We know that people customarily travel to these countries during Spring Break as well, so caution is advised for these travelers too,” said Dick.
Since February 5, 2016, eight individuals have been tested for Zika virus in Washoe County per CDC protocol. All are adult females and had traveled to active Zika countries. Seven are pregnant and testing was requested by their OB-GYN. One case developed symptoms consistent with Zika virus but positive test results have not been confirmed.
In particular, the Zika outbreak in Brazil is dynamic. CDC will continue to monitor the situation and will adjust these recommendations as needed. Current recommendations based on CDC’s guidance for any area with active Zika transmission include:
Women who are pregnant

Consider not going to the Olympics.
If you must go to the Olympics, talk to your doctor or healthcare provider first; if you travel, you should strictly follow steps to prevent mosquito bites  during your trip.
If you have a male partner who goes to the Olympics, you may be at risk for sexual transmission of Zika. Either use condoms the right way, every time, or do not have sex during your pregnancy.

Women who are trying to become pregnant.

Before you travel, talk to your  health care provider about your plans to become pregnant and the risk of Zika virus infection during your trip.
You and your male partner should strictly follow steps to prevent mosquito bites .

People considering travel should also refer to CDC’s travel notice “Zika Virus in South America” for additional information: